Download Page

Bullet To utilise the download files from this page follow the following simple steps. you will require Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or better to use these tools, if you don't have them then you can view HTML versions of files elsewhere on this site
1. Click on the required link, this will prompt you to download the file to save on your hard drive
2. Locate the downloaded file, this will be a *.exe file that you can simply double click to run.
3. You will be prompted for the location of the files, default is to a directory c:whiteford.
5. A number of sub directories will be created according to the downloads you've taken - I'll create a Menu Page sometime.
6. Use Internet Explorer to open the page nnnnnBIND.HTM in any of the subdirectories and this will fire up the searchable database. (nnnnn represents either 'census', 'birth' etc according to the exact database you have just downloaded.
Just to confirm system minimum requirements to use these utilities: - Windows 95, Internet Explorer 4.01 Bullet
BulletSearchable Database of Birth related Events.
BulletSearchable Database of Census Returns.
BulletSearchable Database of Death related Events.
BulletSearchable Database of Marriage related events.
BulletSearchable Database of Birth, Christening & Marriage Events.
BulletSearchable Database of Birth, Christening & Marriage Events cross referenced to Census returns. Compiled by Jamie Whiteford from extracts researched in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow.