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Bullet 10/11/2001 First time I've been able to update anything on the site for quite some time - work commitments and moving back to UK from the USA and all that - this was a refresh of the Almanac page.
Bullet 19/05/2001 Was able to combine the two of the featured lines on the website, thise of Malcolm Whiteford and Ann Anderson with tha of John Whiteford and janet Thompson thanks to the research work put in by Jamie Whiteford and others.
Bullet 17/05/2001 Added Added a section of Sporting Whitefords past and present, mostly features the family of professional footballers based in and around Edinburgh, Jock Whiteford and his sons David and Derek plus nephew John.
Bullet 04/05/2001 Added Index to Ayrshire OPR record availability to the site under the Scottish records section. Also found that the guestbook had broken down again - so fixed that again!.
17/04/2001 Added 'Tip of the Day' tool to the front page of the website. This should help point users to key areas of this site and link them to useful sites for further genealogical related information.
Bullet 22/03/2001 Added tool to allow visitors to send URL of site to a friend via e-mail.
Bullet 21/03/2001 Wow! Just seen this is the first update of the year, I blame the long winter here in Minnesota.... Anyhow have updated the Almanac and the Tree for the Malcolm Whiteford and Ann Anderson line, both include new information.
Bullet 29/11/2000 Fixed the Guestbook functionality which I was seemed not to be working, correctly
Bullet 27/11/2000 Updated the line of James Whiteford and Janet Smith with new information provided by Brian Whiteford of Canada.

Bullet15/11/2000 Added Scottish Marriage Indexes 1855 - 1900

Bullet14/11/2000 Added Index of Scottish Births to the site plus updated the line for William Whitefoord of Stewarton, once again thanks to Nancy for the Birth Indexes.

Bullet8/11/2000 Added page for English REcords, first entries being Northumberland Parish Record Entries

Bullet24/10/2000 Added Browser's Query Page, to allow display of site visitor's queries so that others might help!

Bullet18/10/2000 Finished adding copies of Death Indexes for Scotland to the Scots records page, information kindly supplied by Nancy Johnston.

Bullet16/10/2000 Added American & Canadian Record Pages to the site, only a few so far but plan to add more as time permits. Also decided to add in links to searchengines where these are appropriate as this will facilitate better research.

Bullet09/10/2000 Updated the descendants of Walter de Qhuitfurd line.

Bullet05/10/2000 Added Search Engine for the Site, should allow pinpointing of key information for people..

Bullet30/9/2000 Adding in large number of Australian records as and when able.

Bullet27/9/2000 Created an Australian Page to link Indexes on Births Marriages and Deaths.

Bullet26/9/2000 Added the first of a number of indexes supplied by Nancy Johnston.

Bullet24/9/2000 Updates to the James Whiteford and Janet Thompson Line as supplied by Nancy Johnston and Bob Holloway - Many Thanks

Bullet19/9/2000 More updates to the James Whiteford & Janet Smith line basis information supplied by Nancy Johnston

Bullet15/9/2000 Added page to include present day noteables on the Site, kicked this feature off (literally) with Scottish U-21 Footballer Andy Whiteford.

Bullet14/9/2000 Included so additional updates on the James Whiteford & Jane Smith line.

Bullet9/9/2000 Big day for the site today, was able to merge two of the featured lines of the Family. The recently added Samuel & Margaret brach has been identified as part of the James Whiteford & Jane Smith line.
Added start of WWII Military Page to the site, only one entry so far but more to come. Additionally preparing for publication new 'featured' line for Irish/American Whiteford Branch
Bullet6/9/2000 Added in the Page on American Volunteers in the War of 1812, placed this on a seperate 'Military Page' to which the American Civil War page is now also linked.

Bullet5/9/2000 Added a new section on the Whiteford's Military service, currently just for Aemerican Civil War, but will be expanded, have data on War of 1812 & American Revolution (War of Independance).

Bullet22/8/2000 Added the Samuel Whiteford / Margaret Tree basis new information found.
Preparing new branches to be published.
Bullet7/8/2000 Updated the Malcolm Whiteford / Ann Anderson Tree basis new information found.
Added a seperate Link Page to keep initial page clean!
Continue to key in data to data bases....
Bullet2/8/2000 Updated the Robert Whiteford/Janet Fairly Tree basis new information found, also reorganised the sub-directory that this tree resides in as per below.
Added HTML versions of Jamie Whitefords Database - big files!

Bullet1/8/2000 Added new Downloadable, Searchable Database. Based on extracts put together by Jamie Whiteford from the Mitchell Library, Glasgow cross referenced with Census extracts. A major new resource for the site!
Added new Work in Progress page to give you a flavour of what's coming up in the next few weeks...time permitting

Bullet28/7/2000 Added access to free E-mail to the site, aim here to allow those currently without e-mail to pick-up a Whiteford Domain for that E-Mail and to allow them access to the Query Forum.

Bullet27/7/2000 Added Query Forum to the Web Site, it asks some rather tedious questions about you to allow you to register for use, but once registered we can build up an ongoing forum.
Refreshed the Fragments Pages with a bunch of stuff from out cousins in Canada, Australia and America.

Bullet24/7/2000 Added new link on the downloads page to access Births, Christenings and Marriages database.
Download file for the Births Searchable Database amended to correct some bugs in the screen presentation, recommend re-downloading.

Bullet23/7/2000 Added new link to 'Unlinked fragments' pages, HTML based look-ups for Whiteford family branches unlinked to other larger featured branches.
Updated version of Descendants of Malcolm and Jane McKie pages to reflect latest research by Jamie Whiteford.
Re-arranged directories behind the scenes on the Website to better reflect how databases are stored on my home PC - alot less confusing for me! Hit refresh button if you link to an unexpected family.

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