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Table of Contents

Browseable Family Trees

BulletDescendants of John de Quhitfuird, taken pretty much 'as is' from Burke's Landed Gentry.
BulletDescendants of William Whytfoord and Mary Wilson, taken from the researches of Mike Whiteford, covering the lineage of the Whiteford Family that were based largely in Renfrew & Ayr, dating back to 1750 and the marriage of William Whytfoord and Mary Wilson.
BulletDescendants of Robert Whiteford and Janet Fairly, traced back to 1775 in Auchentiber, Beith, Ayrshire.
BulletDescendants of James Whiteford and Janet Smith, this James was born 1752 in Paisley, Renfrewshire. (Last Updated 12th Jan 2002).Bullet
BulletDescendants of Malcolm Whiteford and Janet Orr, this branch of the family was centred around Kilbirnie, Ayrshire. This now includes details of the lines of James Whiteford and Janet Thompson and malcolm Whiteford and Ann Anderson who were previously listed as a seperate lines. (Last Updated 19th May 2001)
BulletDescendants of Hugh and Alice Eugina Whiteford, this branch of the family has been traced back to Ireland, most of those mentioned are were or are living in the USA, any further infoemation about this branch would be welcome.
BulletDescendants of Alexander Whiteford, and Mary Scally, both of Campbelltown.
BulletWhitefords of Maryland, USA, three intertwined families that settled in or around the township of Whiteford, Maryland


BulletEvery Whiteford on record, well not yet but as and when we get details of 'new' Whitefords they will be entered here, a replacement for the old fragments section. In the form of a linked listing this includes all Whitefords on the current database, their spouces and children.Bullet

Slide Shows

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Look-up Pages

I've started to re-organise these alog national groupings, no real reason for that other than keeping page sizes small and showing some flags...

Australian FlagHERELink to page of Australian Births Marriages & Deaths

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Any one else's contributions welcome...

Searchable Databases

Bullet OK here's the deal.... Freeserver's the hosts of this site currently do not allow 'scripted' webpages that would enable searchable databases. So here's the solution, I've wrapped up the pages and database files in a 'Zip' file and you can download these fromHERE


Bullet Page to allow viewing of Whiteford related images. Click HereBullet

Military Connections

Bullet As time allows I'll add in links to reflect the Whiteford's service to the various military organisations around the world, not only is there a strong tradition of service to the crown but Whitefords have also served in all the major conflicts in the Americas.HERE

Sporting Connections

Bullet A small section on a number of Whitefords found to be participating in various sports at a number of different levels..HERE

Noteable Whitefords Today

Bullet Again as time allows I'll add in details about members of the family that for one reason or another are in the press alot these days.HERE

Browser's Queries

Bullet I'm starting to get sent a number of queries for help from people browsing the site, obviously I'll do what I can to help, where possible I'll add a reference to their query here so other visitors might see them and add their knowledge to the search. CLICK HERE

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