bullet May WHITEFORD Parents: David WHITEFORD and Polly CURRY.

She was married to Bill WILSON.

bullet Melissa Carol WHITEFORD graduated in 1989 in Ottawa, Kansas, USA. from Ottawa High School.

bullet Melvina WHITEFORD was buried in Groves Cememtery, Guilford, MO. She was a in Teacher in public schools around Guilford. Parents: William John WHITEFORD and Rachel STUART.

bullet Michael WHITEFORD

He was married to Rhonda. Children were: Travis WHITEFORD, Trent WHITEFORD.

bullet Michael WHITEFORD was born on 19 Nov 1960. Parents: James WHITEFORD and Mildred Adeline MOTSCHENBACHER .

bullet Michael WHITEFORD Parents: Joseph W. WHITEFORD and UNKNOWN.

bullet Michael WHITEFORD Parents: Gerald Alan WHITEFORD and Betty Lee LARKIN.

bullet Doctor, Professor Michael B WHITEFORD Photo was a Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology in 2000 in Iowa State University, Iowa, USA. Whiteford is an interested and interesting instructor with a genuine commitment to undergraduate education. He has conducted research in a half dozen Latin American countries and on several occasions has taken students and faculty to Latin America to study the culture and conduct ethnographic interviews. Whiteford received his B.A. from Beloit College and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, Berkley. He joined the Iowa State faculty in 1972.

Ph.D. 1972, University of California-Berkeley, Professor, Medical Anthropology, Nutritional Anthropology, Culture Change, Applied Anthropology in Latin America.

Dr. Whiteford is Professor of Anthropology and the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. His research interests focus on alternative curing practices and health-care decision-making processes. Whiteford's geographic area of specialty is Latin America, and he has worked in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. His research results have been published in journals such as Medical Anthropological Quarterly, Human Organization, Medical Anthropology, and Social Science and Medicine. He is co-author (with John Friedl) of an introductory anthropology textbook entitled The Human Portrait. With his brother, he edited Crossing currents: Continuity and Change in Latin America (1998), a volume published by Prentice-Hall, Inc. For the past eight years, Dr. Whiteford has been editor of the quarterly Newsletter published by the

bullet Michael Craig WHITEFORD was born in 1959 in Epping, Essex, England. Parents: Douglas Gibson WHITEFORD and Brenda Anne BOGGIS .

He was married to Carol Anne MCCARTHY in 1988 atHorsham, Sussex, England. Children were: Daniel Craig WHITEFORD, Matthew David Thomas WHITEFORD .

bullet Michael Crook WHITEFORD died on 25 Jul 1891.

He was married to Augustine Biddle STREETT on 17 Jan 1847. Children were: Michael Crook WHITEFORD, John Streett WHITEFORD , Ida Jane WHITEFORD, Sarah Campbell WHITEFORD, Stevenson Archer WHITEFORD .

bullet Michael Crook WHITEFORD was born in 1850. He died in 1908. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Augustine Biddle STREETT .

He was married to Mary Elizabeth LUCY. Children were: Thomas Milton WHITEFORD, Charles Archer WHITEFORD.

bullet Michael Crook WHITEFORD was born on 25 Sep 1877. He died on 18 Jul 1902. Parents: John Streett WHITEFORD and Anna Catherine STREETT.

bullet Michael Crook WHITEFORD was born on 22 Nov 1897. He died on 7 Dec 1973. Parents: Stevenson Archer WHITEFORD and Elizabeth Virginia BENNINGTON.

He was married to Estella BEATTY.

He was married to Ethel DAVIS . Children were: Michael Crook WHITEFORD, Richard Davis WHITEFORD, Robert Archer WHITEFORD .

bullet Michael Crook WHITEFORD was born on 27 Mar 1917 in Harford, Maryland, USA. He died on 19 Mar 1994 in Havre de Grace, Harford, Maryland, USA. Parents: Clarence William WHITEFORD and Ada Bell KENNEDY .

He was married to Dorothy Irene LEWIS on 19 Jul 1945. Children were: Michael Crook WHITEFORD, Sherry Ann WHITEFORD, Steven Lewis WHITEFORD , Sandra Lee WHITEFORD.

bullet Michael Crook WHITEFORD was born on 18 Jul 1954. He resided 1909 WINDROW CT in Marriottsville, Maryland, USA. circa Dec. 2000. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Dorothy Irene LEWIS.

He was married to Beth Ann CHRISTOFORD on 21 Nov 1987. Children were: Catherine Emily WHITEFORD.

bullet Michael Crook WHITEFORD was born on 15 May 1920. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Ethel DAVIS.

He was married to Jean NUTTLE on 14 Mar 1945 in Bel Air, Harford, Baltimore, USA. Children were: Michael Lee WHITEFORD.

bullet Michael Lee WHITEFORD was born on 20 Sep 1946. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Jean NUTTLE.

He was married to Deborah P. SMITH.

bullet Michael Steven WHITEFORD Parents: Sandra Lee WHITEFORD and Michael WALKER.

bullet Mike WHITEFORD Lived at on 10 Nov 1998 in Blaine, Minnesota, USA.

He was married to Tanna.

bullet Mildred WHITEFORD Parents: Nicholas B. WHITEFORD and Annie Louissa EINWAECHTER.

bullet Mildred WHITEFORD Parents: Charles A. WHITEFORD and Betha ROSS.

bullet Milton Rex WHITEFORD was born on 10 Oct 1954 in Subiaco, Western Australia. Parents: Arnold WHITEFORD and Joyce Doris BALLARD.

He was married to Sharon Joy WILLS on 14 Feb 1981 in Bassendean, Western Australia. Children were: Jamie Lee WHITEFORD, Emma Louise WHITEFORD.

bullet Minnie WHITEFORD Parents: John WHITEFORD and Margaret WILSON.

She was married to James HAMILTON .

bullet Minnie WHITEFORD was born about 1886 in Hampden, Grey, Ontario. She has Ancestral File number 19B8-J2X. Parents: Robert WHITEFORD and Margaret JOHNSTON.

bullet Moira WHITEFORD Parents: Alexander WHITEFORD and Margaret STEEL.

bullet Myrtle Vinette WHITEFORD died on 29 Aug 1965 in North Vancouver, B.C.. She was born on 19 Nov 1965 in Shoal Lake, Manitoba. Parents: Lennox WHITEFORD and Sarah Anne OLIVER.

She was married to William Anderson KINNIGBURGH.

bullet Myrtle Vinette WHITEFORD was born on 19 Nov 1890 in Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Parents: Lennox WHITEFORD and Sarah Ann OLIVER.

bullet Neal WHITEFORD Parents: Ralph McCluskie WHITEFORD and UNKNOWN.

bullet Neil WHITEFORD was born on 29 Apr 1938 in Richmond Hill, New York, USA. "I remember my cousin Neil looking very handsome in his white sailor uniform. In 1957-58, he dated my mom's 17-year old sister, Pamela, who came from England to live with us for the year. I think that they were in love, but then Pam had to return to England. I don't recall much about Neil after thattime, except that I heard he lived in Southgate, Los Angeles, CA for many years and worked for UPS. "
Mary Whiteford, cousin, 1998 Parents: Andrew Hope WHITEFORD and EVA.

Children were: Son WHITEFORD, Daughter WHITEFORD.

bulletNeil Douglas WHITEFORD was born on 27 Mar 1961 in North Weald, Essex, England. Parents: Douglas Gibson WHITEFORD and Brenda Anne BOGGIS.

He was married to Julie HESKETH on 26 Oct 1986 in West Grinstead, Sussex, England. He was divorced from Julie HESKETH after 1991. Children were: Richard Douglas WHITEFORD , Christopher Neil WHITEFORD.

bullet Nelle WHITEFORD was born on 8 Aug 1887 in Miami County, Kansas, USA. She died on 17 Jun 1963 in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA. She was buried after 17 Jun 1963 in Osawatomie, Miami County, Kansas, USA. Parents: Silas Silver WHITEFORD and Mary Evalina MCGLOTHLIN .

She was married to Edward KENDALL in 1950.

bullet Nellie WHITEFORD was born on 13 Nov 1903 in New Mills, Cheshire, England. at 32 St. Georges Rd. She resided 48 Hall St. in Aug 1930 in New Mills, Cheshire, England. Daughter of RBWhiteford, left his estate in his will. Lived at 48 Hall
Street, New Mills at time of marriage. Marriage witnessed by Robert B
Whiteford and Arthur S Lomax. Born at 20 High Lea, New Mills (1903) Parents: Robert Burnside WHITEFORD and Sarah Elizabeth BOTTOMS.

She was married to Leslie Bolton HADFIELD on 9 Aug 1930. Witnessed by Robert B. Whiteford and Arthur S. Lomax.

bullet Nellie WHITEFORD Parents: Hugh Delmar WHITEFORD and Neva STREETT.

She was married to LINKOUSFRANK.

bullet Nelly WHITEFORD was born on 20 Mar 1801 in Schoolwynd, Kilbirnie, Ayr, Scotland. Parents: John WHITEFORD and Margaret GREIG.

bullet Nicholas B. WHITEFORD Thought to be from Maryland, USA originally.

He was married to Annie Louissa EINWAECHTER. Children were: Charles Adam WHITEFORD, Lawrence WHITEFORD, William WHITEFORD, Raymond WHITEFORD, Mildred WHITEFORD.

bullet Noel Bassett WHITEFORD was born on 25 Apr 1923 in Richmond Hill, New York, USA. He was a between 1945 and 1985 in Merrill Lynch, Operations Division. Noel worked for 40 years for Merrill Lynch Operations Division. Retired in 1985. Bought a home in Brentwood, Long Island, NY, in 1956 and has lived there ever since. His sons, Tom and Wayne, are single and live at home. Parents: Andrew WHITEFORD and Grace A. MALTBY.

He was married to Veronica Marie DUFFY on 6 Aug 1951 in New York, NY. Children were: Wendy WHITEFORD, Thomas WHITEFORD, Wayne WHITEFORD, AMY, JANET.

bullet Norman WHITEFORD Parents: David WHITEFORD.

bullet Olive Agnes WHITEFORD was born on 27 Jan 1894 in Molden, Manitoba. She died on 1 Dec 1977 in Vancouver, B.C.. Parents: Lennox WHITEFORD and Sarah Anne OLIVER.

bullet Olive Agnes WHITEFORD was born on 27 Jan 1894 in Molden, Manitoba, Canada. Parents: Lennox WHITEFORD and Sarah Ann OLIVER.

bullet Osborne WHITEFORD was born on 7 Sep 1901. Parents: William WHITEFORD and Isabella HUTCHISON.

bullet Pamela WHITEFORD was born on 26 Jul 1946. Parents: James Leonard WHITEFORD and Jacqueline MCEVOY.

bullet Patricia Ann WHITEFORD was born on 13 Mar 1944. Parents: Richard Davis WHITEFORD and Marie HILL.

She was married to Stephen RETTEW. Children were: Aaron RETTEW, Megan RETTEW.

bullet Patricia Lynn WHITEFORD was born on 10 Jun 1944. Parents: John Higginbotham WHITEFORD and Charlotte PARKS .

She was married to Knapp MILTON M.D. on 13 Jun 1971.

bullet Paul WHITEFORD Parents: George WHITEFORD and Fannie STEEL.

bullet Peter WHITEFORD Photo was a Golfer in 2000. Currently attending University of New Mexico, USA. He was educated Dollar Academy pre 2000. Following details appeared on Dollar Academy Website (as of 8th Jan 2001).

World Schools Team Championships

The school team representing Scotland had mixed success at this major event at Loch Lomond.

The weather was appalling! In fact, the first round on Monday 12th had to be cancelled because the greens were flooded so a double round was scheduled for Tuesday. The weather was poor yet again and the start was delayed for an hour. The French team from Lycee Bellevue, Toulouse, won the event with a total of 451 for the 3 players over 36 holes. Australia were runners-up with a score of 458 and Dollar were 6th on 478.

In the individual event, we fared much better. The French player Liarte won with a one-under-par 143 but Peter Whiteford (Form 6) was just one shot behind as runner-up. Peter was leader after the first 18 holes with a two-under-par 70 but unfortunately, he lost a ball at the 15th on the second round losing him two vital shots and the match.

Peter could not celebrate for too long as he had to sit the Higher Biolog

bullet Peter WHITEFORD Photo was a Senior Lecturer in Institute of Information Sciences & Technology, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.

bullet Peter Rice WHITEFORD Parents: James Warren WHITEFORD and Elizabeth Tyrie Moyes THOMSON.

bullet Rachel WHITEFORD Discovered the "Moffat Well" at Moffat, which was to prove the economic salvation of the town.
Parents: Rt. Rev. Walter WHITEFORD and ? RITCHIE.

bullet Ralph McCluskie WHITEFORD was born in 1907 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Parents: William WHITEFORD and Elizabeth SCOTT.

He was married to UNKNOWN . Children were: Neal WHITEFORD.

bullet Randy WHITEFORD was a Professional Soccer Player 1997 to 1998. In 1997 he is described as a Defender and the fans' pick as Rookie of the Year for 1997. He is a former star at IUPUI and he signed as a free agent in March 1997 and ended up starting 20 of 22 games at Defender.

In 1999 he is listed as a defender with the Indiana Blast, a D3-League team in the US Lague.

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