bullet Florence WHITEFORD Parents: John Silas WHITEFORD and Sarah Maud PARKINSON.

She was married to Joshua GEE.

bullet Francine WHITEFORD Photo was a Sales Manager in WAOR Radio, South Bend, Indiana, USA.

bullet Francis WHITEFORD

He was married to Mary REARDON on 28 Dec 1800 in Ballyhay, Cork.

bullet Francis WHITEFORD

He was married to Marie 'Chlory' GLADU . Children were: James Francis WHITEFORD.

bullet Francis A. WHITEFORD was born on 11 Mar 1902 in Brooklyn, NY. He died on 26 Jun 1903 in Brooklyn, New York. Parents: Andrew WHITEFORD and Grace A. MALTBY.

bullet Fred WHITEFORD died in 1940.

He was married to Henrietta "Etta" June NEFF in Dec 1898 in Nemaha County, Kansas, USA. Children were: Harry WHITEFORD, George WHITEFORD, Alden "Al" WHITEFORD, Gertrude WHITEFORD.

bullet Fred WHITEFORD Parents: Geroge Leroy WHITEFORD and Helen.

bullet Frederick Cochran WHITEFORD was born on 23 Mar 1856 in High Church, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He appeared on the census in 1881 in Abbey, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Described as an upholsterer, unmarried son of Head of household, aged 25, living at 7 East Lane, Abbey, Renfrew and born in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland. Parents: John Harper WHITEFORD and Elizabeth LINDSAY.

He was married to Jeannie FRAME . Children were: Elizabeth Lindsay WHITEFORD, Mary Forrest WHITEFORD, John Harper WHITEFORD , Agnes Harper WHITEFORD, William Frame WHITEFORD.

bullet Frederick George WHITEFORD Parents: George WHITEFORD and BERNICE.

bullet Gabrielle Fiona WHITEFORD was born on 5 May 1956 in Inch Farm, Pittenweem, Fife. Parents: George WHITEFORD and Gabrielle DUNLOP.

She was married to Robert James POLLOCK on 21 Feb 1980 in carnbe Church, Pittenween, Fife.

bullet Gail WHITEFORD was born on 10 Oct 1963. Parents: Daniel Hamilton WHITEFORD and Jean R. CUTHILL.

She was married to Andrew James SCOTT on 28 Jul 1988 in Wallace Green Church, Berwick-upon-Tweed.

bullet Gail WHITEFORD Photo was an Associate Professor 1 July 1999 to 30 June 2001 in Charles Stuart University, Australia. BGS 99/136 The Board of Graduate Studies agreed to elect the following two members of the Board to the Postgraduate Scholarships Committee for the period 1 July 1999 to 30 June 2001:

Associate Professor Gail Whiteford
Associate Professor Ian Gray.

Professional profile:
Gail has over 20 years involvement in occupational therapy as student, clinician, academic, manager, consultant and researcher. She has worked in New Zealand where she was head of school of occupational therapy at Auckland University of Technology for 7 years. She has also spent time in Canada, the USA, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
She has been an invited and keynote speaker in Australia, Canada, and the UK, and has given public lectures on occupation related issues. In 2000, she was a visiting scholar at Dalhousie University in Canada and gave a “Conversation with a scholar” address in Auckland, New Zealand. She has published widely in international occupational therapy journals and has published one book chapter with another in preparation.

Professional positions/representation:

President, Australasian Society of Occupational Scientists
Associate Editor Promotions, Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Occupational Science
OTA National Assessor Panel (interim)

Research interests:
qualitative/interpretive research approaches
evaluative research
community development
cross-cultural research

Research involvements:
a multi-method evaluation of primary care partnerships in Upper Hume region (principal investigator, current)
time use/productivity study of clinical supervisors (principal investigator, current)
HART clinical utility study (associate investigator, current)
client/family perspectives of outcomes following acquired brain injury
occupational reconfiguration following ABI
occupational needs of inmates, Paremoremo prison
intercultural competence development of occupational therapy students (doctoral research)

bullet Gary WHITEFORD Parents: Robert WHITEFORD and Jan WALLACE.

bullet Professor Gary T. WHITEFORD was a Professor of Geography, University of New Brunswick in 2000 in New Brunswick, Canada.

bullet Gary Thomas WHITEFORD Parents: William Barbour WHITEFORD and Elsie LISTER.

He was married to Carole Ann MCINTYRE. Children were: Jennifer Ann WHITEFORD, Thomas William WHITEFORD.

bullet Genevive WHITEFORD Parents: Andrew WHITEFORD and Margaret RISK.

She was married to John MCMAHON .

bullet George WHITEFORD was born on 14 Nov 1923 in Cauldcoats Farm, Newton Mearns. He died 27nov 1993 in Strone, Viewforth Place, Pittenweem, Fife. He resided Inch Farm in Pittenween. Location:
Later of Inch Farm, Pittenween Parents: James Lawrie WHITEFORD and Annie Watt LAMBIE.

He was married to Gabrielle DUNLOP on 7 Jun 1951 in Abdie Church, Newburgh, Fife. Children were: Margaret Louise WHITEFORD , James WHITEFORD, Allan Robert WHITEFORD, Gabrielle Fiona WHITEFORD, Alayne WHITEFORD.

bullet George WHITEFORD was born on 2 Jan 1889. He was a Farmer in Langcraigs, Paisley. Occupation:
A Farmer at Langcraigs, Paisley Parents: William WHITEFORD and Isabella HUTCHISON.

He was married to Betty. Children were: William WHITEFORD, David WHITEFORD, Alan WHITEFORD, Elizabeth WHITEFORD.

bullet George WHITEFORD was born on 19 Jun 1874 in Stewarton, Ayr, Scotland. Parents noted as David Whiteford and Jane Hutcheson He appeared on the census in 1881 in Stewarton, Ayr, Scotland. Described as aged 6, born Stewarton, Ayr, son of the Head of Household and a scholar. Parents: David WHITEFORD and Jane HUTCHISON.

He was married to Marion TYRE. Children were: David WHITEFORD, William WHITEFORD, Marion WHITEFORD .

bullet George WHITEFORD was born on 27 Jan 1920. Parents: Thomas WHITEFORD and Margaret SYME.

He was married to Jessie JOHNSTON.

bullet George WHITEFORD was born on 6 Oct 1886 in Calton, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. noted as born at 33 Comely Park Rd. He died on 30 Nov 1963 in Easterhouse, Glasgow. Noted that death was at 12 Aberdalgie Rd. Parents: Matthew WHITEFORD and Margaret HAMILTON.

He was married to Isobella FRAME on 25 Oct 1910 in Calton, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. at 128 French St. Children were: George WHITEFORD.

bullet George WHITEFORD was born on 28 Dec 1865 in Queens, Durrow, Laoighis, Ireland. Parents: Carter WHITEFORD and Ann WALL.

bullet George WHITEFORD

He was married to Mary WHITEFORD . Children were: Susanna WHITEFORD.

bullet George WHITEFORD

George assisted his father in his business affairs and carried the mail Parents: William W WHITEFORD and Eliza CANHAN.

He was married to Fannie STEEL. Children were: Paul WHITEFORD.

bullet George WHITEFORD emigrated in 1788 from Madras, India. Described as George Whitefoord, son of Sir John Whitefoord of Whitefoord, Ayrshire ( The Laing Charters 3272)
He died in 1790 in Madras, India. He was buried on 11 Oct 1790 in St Mary's, Fort St George, Madras City, India. He was a Lieut HEICS Cawnpore 1788 to 1790 in Madras, India.

bullet George WHITEFORD was living on 27 Jun 1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

He was married to Elaine RAYNOND.

bullet George WHITEFORD was born on 2 Jan 1901. He died in Mar 1994. Parents: Fred WHITEFORD and Henrietta "Etta" June NEFF.

He was married to BERNICE. Children were: Frederick George WHITEFORD, Gerald WHITEFORD, Robert WHITEFORD, Betty Jane WHITEFORD, Harry WHITEFORD, George WHITEFORD.

bullet George WHITEFORD Parents: George WHITEFORD and BERNICE.

bullet George WHITEFORD was born on 20 Jan 1912 in Calton, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. at 46 Comely Park St. Parents: George WHITEFORD and Isobella FRAME.

bullet George Alexander WHITEFORD was born on 15 Aug 1866 in Forres, Moray. Parents: WHITEFORD and Jane.

bullet George Lawrence WHITEFORD was born on 15 Jul 1922. Parents: Stanley Lawrence WHITEFORD and Erma DE SALLE BROWNEWELL .

He was married to Elaine Claire RAYMOND.

bullet Gerald WHITEFORD Parents: George WHITEFORD and BERNICE.

bullet Gerald Alan WHITEFORD was born on 13 Aug 1926 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He died on 25 Jun 2000 in Medford, Oregon, USA. Parents: Geroge Leroy WHITEFORD and Helen.

He was married to Betty Lee LARKIN on 21 Jan 1950 in Santa Monica, California, USA. Children were: Victoria WHITEFORD , Michael WHITEFORD.

bullet Gerald Richard WHITEFORD

He was married to Rebecca Ann MOSS. Children were: Erin Irene WHITEFORD, Evan Patrick WHITEFORD.

bullet Geraldine WHITEFORD Photo I experienced numerous highlights and changes working at the Human Rights Commission over 13 years, under 10 Commissioners, three Chief Commissioners and four Race Relations Conciliators!

I began working for the Commission in Wellington in 1987, as a Mediation Officer, investigating complaints of discrimination on grounds of sex, marital status, religion and ethical belief. There were 13 Mediation Officers and in 1988 we dealt with 158 complaints. As well as our complaints work, Mediation Officers also responded to telephone enquiries and took part in the Commission's education programme.

An early memorable experience was helping another staff member, Richard Bennett, deliver a two-day sexual harassment prevention training programme to several hundred staff at the Department of Social Welfare in Manukau.

Justice John Wallace was the Chief Commissioner then and was highly respected for his legal acumen, his warm, gentle manner and his commitment to human rights, including rights under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

In 1989, Margaret Mulgan was appointed Chief Commissioner. In her five-year term, she implemented several key changes:

The complaints process was streamlined, with straightforward or resolved complaints being considered by one Commissioner alone
The Commission committed to decision-making models and structures that reflected the partnership in the Treaty of Waitangi
For the first time, a tier of management comprising four team Convenors was created. I was appointed Complaints Processing Convenor in 1992
The Commission created a Legal Research unit, in order to provide quality human rights input into New Zealand social and legal policy
A full-time enquiries officer was appointed, leading eventually to the creation of a specialist enquiries team, that responded to all enquiries from throughout New Zealand. This change also headed the more accurate recording of enquiry statistics.
Through all the changes one thing has remained constant: the passion and commitment of Commission staff to provide and protect the human rights of all New Zealanders
The Human Rights Act 1993, with its increased grounds of discrimination, brought an increase in the number and complexity of complaints.
In 1992 I was privileged to investigate a complaint of race discrimination against Waitara High School, lodged by a whanau of parents and friends of the school. The whanau alleged that Maori students were disadvantaged on grounds of race because the school did not adequately respect the status of te reo and Maori culture. After a disconcerting blaze of publicity, a staff member from the Race Relations Office and I investigated the complaint and reported to the Commission. Commissioners considered that the report established a breach of the Act and, along with Commissioner Erihapeti Murchie, we were asked to conciliate the complaint.

The School Board was initially outraged at the Commission opinion. However, after several meetings over many months, the parties reached a settlement, which attracted excellent media coverage. A key element in the settlement was the parties' respect for Erihapeti Murchie, who brought an incomparable dignity and knowledge of te reo and Maori tikanga to the process.

In 1994, Pamela Jefferies became Chief Commissioner and, during her term, the Commission consolidated the changes made under Margaret Mulgan. This included the appointment of the first General Manager in 1996, the year I became Complaints Resolution Manager and moved to Auckland. For the record, I am now a committed Aucklander!

Today, the complaints resolution team is considerably changed. Mediation Officers are now called Complaints Resolution Officers and there are only six of them dealing with several hundred complaints a year. They are all committed to, and skilled in, early resolution, and the process is well supported by a networked computer system.

Through all the changes one thing has remained constant: the passion and commitment of Commission staff to provide and protect the human rights of all New Zealanders.

bullet Geroge Leroy WHITEFORD

He was married to Helen. Children were: Gerald Alan WHITEFORD, Fred WHITEFORD, Robert WHITEFORD, Betty WHITEFORD.

bullet Gertrude WHITEFORD Parents: William W WHITEFORD and Eliza CANHAN.

She was married to Fay POTTER . Children were: Gladys POTTER.

bullet Gertrude WHITEFORD Parents: Fred WHITEFORD and Henrietta "Etta" June NEFF.

bullet Gladwyn WHITEFORD died about 1989 in Dukinfield, Hyde. Parents: David WHITEFORD and Kathryn UNKNOWN.

bullet Gordon WHITEFORD Parents: William WHITEFORD.

bullet Gordon Bruce WHITEFORD

He was married to Laura Martha WEISE. Children were: Brian James WHITEFORD , Todd G. WHITEFORD, David B. WHITEFORD.

bullet Gordon William WHITEFORD was born on 4 Apr 1956. Occupation:
A Farmer in partnership with his Mother and Father. Parents: Robert WHITEFORD and Jane Allison SANDS.

bullet Grace E. WHITEFORD was born on 18 Nov 1903 in Brooklyn, NY. She died on 27 Aug 1965 in Merrick, NY. "Sweet person." Noel Whiteford, brother, 1995.

"My Aunt Grace was a gracious lady -- very kind, genteel and loving. For 10 years, we lived in the same town, Merrick, NY. She was father's (Robert) oldest sibling and became a surrogate grandmother for me, and mother/mother-in-law for my mom, Cissie. We had Thanksgiving dinners at her home. She had lovely china, linen and a gracious home. I recall a lovely wisteria vine in the backyard. Sometimes, we would get together with her children, my cousins, Jack and Jane, their spouses, and children. Due to the age difference, Jack and Jane were close to my parents age, and their kids were close to my age. I remember one Easter Sunday, Aunt Grace took me to the Episcopal Church in Merrick, and I loved the experience. When she died in 1965, I was truly devestated. I loved her very much. So did my mother, Cissie, and everyone who knew Grace Whiteford Bruce."
Mary Whiteford, niece, September, 8, 1998 Parents: Andrew WHITEFORD and Grace A. MALTBY.

She was married to John BRUCE in New York, NY. Children were: John BRUCE, Jane BRUCE.

bullet Graeme William Whiteford WHITEFORD was born on 10 Oct 1954 in Subiaco, Western Australia. Parents: Arnold WHITEFORD and Joyce Doris BALLARD.

He was married to Denise Margaret LUFF on 12 Nov 1977 in Palmyra, Perth, Western Australia. Children were: Ryan William WHITEFORD, Kassey Margaret WHITEFORD.

bullet Graham WHITEFORD Parents: Alan WHITEFORD.

bullet Grant WHITEFORD Photo Grant has a background in primary school teaching in North Queensland in Australia and in Taranaki and the Thames Valley in New Zealand. He has taught primary students in large and small schools, from new entrants to Year 8. He has spent over 14 years in the primary classroom. Grant has experience in both the State system and the Catholic system here in New Zealand and has been a Principal of a small rural school. He had been a Tutor and Senior Tutor at James Cook University in North Queensland where he worked with trainee teachers in Physical Education and Aboriginal and Islander Studies.
At the University of Waikato, Grant’s line of work is in teaching curriculum health to a variety of trainee teachers, but in particular, the first year students.

bullet Gregory WHITEFORD graduated in 1979 in Ottawa, Kansas, USA. from Ottawa High School.

bullet Grover Cleveland WHITEFORD died in 1971 in Pennsylvania, USA. Parents: Daniel Martin WHITEFORD and UNKNOWN.

He was married. Children were: William Howard WHITEFORD .

bullet Gustavus Adolphus Leonus Delnorus WHITEFORD was born on 27 Jul 1878 in Manengo, Iowa, USA. He died on 4 Aug 1965 in Seymour, Missouri. He was buried on 6 Aug 1965 in Seymour, Missouri. in Fordland Cemetary, Parents: Adolphus WHITEFORD and UNKNOWN.

He was married to Nellie EARLE on 22 Oct 1922 in Van Zandt County, Texas. Children were: WHITEFORD, Richard Delnor WHITEFORD.

bullet Guy WHITEFORD was an Avocational Archaeologist.

He was married to Mabel.

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