bullet Augustine Streett WHITEFORD was born on 6 Dec 1872. She died on 20 Nov 1925. Parents: John Streett WHITEFORD and Anna Catherine STREETT.

She was married to Albert Ignatius WHEELER on 27 Jan 1891. Children were: Bernard Whiteford WHEELER, Anna Lenora WHEELER , Albert Walter WHEELER, Mary Pauline WHEELER, William Michael WHEELER , Myrtle Crook WHEELER, Ruth Annette WHEELER.

bullet Barbara WHITEFORD was born on 17 May 1895. Parents: Alexander WHITEFORD and Annie HUTCHISON.

Children were: William WHITEFORD, James WHITEFORD , Annie WHITEFORD, Isabella WHITEFORD, Elizabeth WHITEFORD.

bulletBarbara WHITEFORD was born on 12 Aug 1857 in Calton, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. at 56 Marlborough St. She died on 20 Jan 1873 in Calton, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. at 56 Marlborough St. Parents: Malcolm WHITEFORD and Jane MACKIE.

bullet Barbara WHITEFORD was born on 13 Oct 1811 in Dreybulls, Kilbirnie, Ayr, Scotland. She died on 19 Nov 1887 in Cochrane St, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland. Parents: Malcolm WHITEFORD and Ann ANDERSON.

She was married to William MACKIE on 13 Mar 1834 in Parish Church, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland. Children were: Ann MACKIE, Matthew MACKIE , Malcolm MACKIE, Jean MACKIE , William MACKIE.

bullet Barbara WHITEFORD was born in 1707. Parents: Adam James WHITEFORD of Whiteford and Mylntoun and Robina LOCKHART .

bullet Barbara Lindsay WHITEFORD was born on 5 May 1858 in High Church, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Parents: John Harper WHITEFORD and Elizabeth LINDSAY.

bullet Belle WHITEFORD was born in 1875. Parents: William WHITEFORD and Jane HOY OR HAYES.

bullet Belle WHITEFORD was born in 1875 in Dunn Co, Wisconsin, USA. Parents: William WHITEFORD and Jane HAYES.

bullet Bert WHITEFORD was born on 6 Jan 1908 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He died on 19 May 1987 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Parents: Thomas Barbour WHITEFORD and Mary BOWIE.

bullet Bertha Knox WHITEFORD was born on 3 Jun 1838 in Paisley High, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Parents: David WHITEFORD and Mary DINNING.

bullet Betsy WHITEFORD was born on 9 Jul 1874 in Forfar, Angus. Parents: Alexander WHITEFORD and Jean STEWART.

bullet Betty WHITEFORD Parents: David WHITEFORD and Polly CURRY.

She was married to Jack MCMILLAN .

bullet Betty WHITEFORD Parents: Sir John WHITEFORD of Whitrford and Mylntoun and ?.

bullet Betty WHITEFORD Parents: Geroge Leroy WHITEFORD and Helen.

bullet Betty Jane WHITEFORD Parents: George WHITEFORD and BERNICE.

bullet Beverly Ann WHITEFORD Living individual, details withheld Parents: Lloyd WHITEFORD and Dora M. LASH.

bullet Blanche WHITEFORD died in Maryville, MO. She was a in Accomplised pianist, music teacher. Parents: William John WHITEFORD and Rachel STUART.

bullet Bonnie Lynn WHITEFORD was born on 14 May 1946 in Harford, Maryland, USA. Parents: Clarence William WHITEFORD and Ethel Virginia STANDIFORD.

She was married to Ronald O'Neill LANDBECK on 19 Dec 1964. Children were: Christopher Ryan LANDBECK, Kimberly Dawn LANDBECK .

bullet Bradley WHITEFORD Parents: Kenneth WHITEFORD and Linda ARCHER.

bullet Brenda Jane WHITEFORD was born on 16 May 1954. Parents: Robert WHITEFORD and Jane Allison SANDS.

bullet Brian WHITEFORD Parents: Dr. James Dunlop WHITEFORD and Margaret SHAW.

bullet Brian Edwin WHITEFORD Parents: William Barbour WHITEFORD and Elsie LISTER.

He was married to Pasqualina MAIETTA. Children were: Christopher Brian WHITEFORD, Karen Louise WHITEFORD, Adam Gary WHITEFORD.

bullet Brian James WHITEFORD was born in 1970. He died on 29 Dec 1998 in Durham, Wisconsin, USA. Parents: Gordon Bruce WHITEFORD and Laura Martha WEISE.

bullet Cameron WHITEFORD was born in 1775. She was christened on 26 May 1775 in Southend, Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland. She has Ancestral File number RTL4-WK. Parents: Robert WHITEFORD and Mary MCNEILL.

bullet Carman WHITEFORD was born on 8 Sep 1892 in Harmsworth, Manitoba. He died on 5 May 1980 in Virden Cemetery, Virden, Manitoba. He was buried after 5 May 1980 in Virden Cemetery, Virden, Manitoba. Parents: Adam WHITEFORD and Bessie ADAMS.

He was married to Jean Lovell STRANG on 18 Oct 1916. Children were: James Warren WHITEFORD, Marion Jean WHITEFORD .

bullet Caroline WHITEFORD was born on 22 Apr 1961 in Townhead, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. at Rottenrow Maternity Hospital. Parents: William Rielly WHITEFORD and Mary Casey WOOLEY.

She was married to William Gordon MACPHERSON in Jan 1981 in Townhead, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. at St. Mungo's Roman Catholic Church. Children were: William David MACPHERSON, Colin James MacPherson MACPHERSON.

bullet Caroline Margaret WHITEFORD was born on 7 Jun 1957. Parents: Daniel Hamilton WHITEFORD and Jean R. CUTHILL.

She was married to Alexander LANG on 8 Jul 1982 in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

bullet Carolyn WHITEFORD was born on 17 Nov 1894 in Whiteford, Harford, Maryland, USA. She died on 8 Jan 1966. Parents: Stevenson Archer WHITEFORD and Elizabeth Virginia BENNINGTON.

She was married to Richard Lloyd CAMP on 5 Feb 1921 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

bullet Carrie Lynee WHITEFORD Parents: Alden Fred WHITEFORD and Diane HAYS.

bullet Carter WHITEFORD

He was married to Ann WALL on 29 Dec 1849 in Queens, Clonenaugh, Laoighis, Ireland. Children were: George WHITEFORD, James WHITEFORD.

bullet Catherine WHITEFORD was born on 11 May 1889 in Ormstown, Quebec. She died on 11 Jul 1889 in Ormstown, Quebec. Parents: John WHITEFORD and Margaret Jane MCCORMICK.

bullet Catherine WHITEFORD was born in 1845. She appeared on the census in 1851 in Dalry, Ayr, Scotland. Described as daughter of the Head of Household, aged 6 years and living at New St. Parents: David WHITEFORD and Janet CRAWFORD.

bullet Catherine WHITEFORD was born in 1845 in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland. Parents: David WHITEFORD and Janet Crawford.

bullet Catherine WHITEFORD Parents: James Darroch WHITEFORD and Mary Casey SHARP.

bullet Catherine WHITEFORD was born on 4 Jan 1813 in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland. Parents: James WHITEFORD and Janet THOMPSON.

bullet Catherine Darroch WHITEFORD was born in 1929 in Taylor St, Townhead, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. She died in 1996 in Cambuslang, Glasgow, Scotland. Parents: James WHITEFORD and Catherine Smith DARROCH.

She was married to Thomas MCKENNA. Children were: Thomas MCKENNA.

bullet Catherine Emily WHITEFORD was born on 30 Jul 1989. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Beth Ann CHRISTOFORD .

bullet Catherine Smith WHITEFORD was born on 6 Nov 1869 in Paisley Abbey, Renfreshire, Scotland. Parents: Thomas WHITEFORD and Margaret SMITH.

bullet Charles WHITEFORD was born on 5 Sep 1925 in North Perth, Western Australia. Parents: Charles Hamilton WHITEFORD.

bullet Charles WHITEFORD

Charles, who was a farmer, having charge of the old homestead Parents: William W WHITEFORD and Eliza CANHAN.

He was married to Florence TATRO. Children were: Robert Owen WHITEFORD, Charles Leroy WHITEFORD .

bullet Charles WHITEFORD was a Head of the Scots College in Paris in 1714. He died in 1722. without issue. Parents: Colonel Walter WHITEFORD and ?.

bullet Charles WHITEFORD Parents: Charles A. WHITEFORD and Betha ROSS.

bullet Charles A. WHITEFORD was born on 18 Mar 1895. He died in Feb 1972 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland, USA. Parents: Charles Archer WHITEFORD and Jane MILTON.

He was married to Betha ROSS on 26 Apr 1916 in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. Children were: Charles WHITEFORD, Adelaide WHITEFORD, Mildred WHITEFORD.

bullet Charles Adam WHITEFORD Parents: Nicholas B. WHITEFORD and Annie Louissa EINWAECHTER.

bullet Charles Archer WHITEFORD was born in 1870. He died in 1936. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Mary Elizabeth LUCY .

He was married to Jane MILTON. Children were: Charles A. WHITEFORD.

bullet Charles Austin WHITEFORD died in 1967. Parents: Daniel Martin WHITEFORD and Berdena Anna LILGENBERG.

Children were: James Daniel WHITEFORD.

bulletCharles Hamilton WHITEFORD was born on 17 Oct 1891 in Camlachie, Glasgow, Scotland. He died on 21 Jun 1925 in Subiaco, Western Australia. Died as a result of complications following an operation on his kidneys and St. John of God Hospital, Subiaco. He emigrated pre WWI from Australia. He served in the military WWI in France. The following is from the notes of Charles Whiteford:-
He migrated to WA just prior to the 1914-1918 War, and in due corse he enlist-
ed in the 1st AIF & served in France. The following details were supplied
from his personnel dossier for 1st AIF ex-esrvice members as provided by the
Aust. Archives Mitchell ACT. He enlisted on Oct 30th, 1916 at Blackboy Hill
WA & joined the 8 reinft8 48th Battalion. Enlistment NO. 3245, Age 26 years,

Height 5 feet 2 inch (158 cm), Weight 144 lbs (65kg), complexion fresh, eyes
brown, Hair brown, religion CofE, occupation Machinist.
He embarked from Fremantle on the ship "Berrima" on the 23.12.1916,
disembarking at Devonport England on 16.02.1917.
In due course his Battn. went to France where he was made a LCPL and also a
T/Artificer. About August 1917 and again in August 1918 he was gassed
slightly, which left him with a persistant cough.
On the 6.3.1919 he was admitted to a Hospital in England suffering from an
old injury to the conea of his left eye, where he developed influenza. He was
one of the few lucky ones to recover from this terrible strain of influenza
which killed millions of people throughout the world.
He was granted special leave from April 5 to Oct 5, 1919 with pay only to
attend the Steel Coy of Scotland of 23 Royal Exchange Square Glasgow, for
steel smelting instruction. during this time he spent some time with his
family in Glasgow. On the 3.11.1919 he embarked on the ship "Mahana" for
Fremantle and was discharged on the 29th Jan 1920. He received the British
War Medal and the Victory Medal. He worked for the West Australian Newspaper
in st. Georges TCE Perth as a Machinist.
In Oct 1921 he married Vera Burnett and pruchased a new home at 17, Pennant
st. North Perth where they lived happily, their first son Arnold was born
on the 11th.Oct 1922.
Unfortunatly Charles had kidney problems & was operated on at St. John of God
hospital, Subiaco during June 1925, and passed away on the 21st June 1925 from
infections. Then some three months later his second son Charles was born.
Parents: Matthew WHITEFORD and Margaret HAMILTON.

He was married on 22 Oct 1921 in Perth, Western Australia. Children were: Arnold WHITEFORD, Charles WHITEFORD.

bullet Charles Leroy WHITEFORD Parents: Charles WHITEFORD and Florence TATRO.

bullet Charlotte WHITEFORD Parents: Daniel Martin WHITEFORD and Berdena Anna LILGENBERG.

bullet Charlotte Caldow WHITEFORD was born in 1933 in Cambuslang, Glasgow, Scotland. Parents: Matthew WHITEFORD and Margaret CALDOW.

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