bullet Roger Streett WHITEFORD was born on 1 May 1904. He died between 1 Nov 1967 and 1969. Parents: Roger Streett WHITEFORD and Mary Annie KILGORE.

He was married to Edith Francis BURNSIDE on 1 Jan 1932. Children were: Roger Street WHITEFORD III, Susan Elizabeth WHITEFORD .

bullet Roger Streett WHITEFORD IV was born on 1 Jul 1975. Parents: Roger Street WHITEFORD III and Carol HOFFIELD .

bullet Ruth Ann WHITEFORD Parents: Alden "Al" WHITEFORD and Carrie Mae SMITH.

She was married to Gary GIEST. Children were: Russell Paul GIEST , Deborah May GIEST.

bullet Ruth Annette WHITEFORD was born on 28 Aug 1882. She died on 26 May 1984. Parents: John Streett WHITEFORD and Anna Catherine STREETT.

bullet Ruth Irene WHITEFORD Parents: David WHITEFORD and Ann Jane SADLER.

bullet Ryan William WHITEFORD was born on 6 Mar 1980 in Perth, Western Australia. Parents: Graeme William Whiteford WHITEFORD and Denise Margaret LUFF.

bullet Samantha WHITEFORD Parents: Hugh WHITEFORD and UNKNOWN.

bullet Samuel WHITEFORD was born on 27 Oct 1844 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He died on 29 Dec 1914 in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York, NY. At the time of his death, Samuel lived at 4 Briggs Ave, Richmond Hill, NY and was buried Dec 31, 1914, St Michael's, Jackson Heights, NY

NYC 1890 Directory: Painter, 506 West 49 Street, NYC

From the 1900 Census Record: Samuel was born Oct 1844 in Scotland. The Citizenship box indicates
"N check-mark." Hannah's birth is given as June 1849, birthplace New York. Samuel, Hannah, William, Andrew, Sarah, Ida and Lillian lived at 449 West 32 Street, NYC. The year of William's birth is recorded as 1871, but Uncle Noel's records show William's birth as 1879. The Census also shows another William, age 7 years, born January 1893, living in the household -- perhaps William's son?

Samuel's Death Certificate: Carcenomia of (lower/inner) jaw, secondary-artersclerosis. Verifies address, date, and place of burial. Also, "How long in USA (if of foreign birth): 63 years." And, "How long resident in City of New York: 60 years." Name of father: John Whiteford; Place of Birth: Scotland. Maiden name of Mother: Margaret Young; Place of Birth: Scotland.

Perhaps John, Margaret & Samuel emmigrated to USA in 1851/52 and that they all lived in NYC 1854/55?

No record of Samuel & Hannah's marriage in 1869 in Manhattan: NYC Vital Records.
Parents: Samuel WHITEFORD and MARGARET.

He was married to Hannah BEAUMONT in 1869 in Manhattan, New York. Children were: William WHITEFORD , Robert Andrew WHITEFORD, Andrew WHITEFORD, Sarah Jane WHITEFORD, Ida WHITEFORD, Lillian WHITEFORD, William Whiteford JR..

bullet Samuel WHITEFORD

Children were: Alexander WHITEFORD .

bulletSamuel WHITEFORD.

Children were: Matthew WHITEFORD .

bulletSamuel WHITEFORD was born about 1825 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He appeared on the census in 1841 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Described as son of the Head of Household, aged 15 years of 28 Maxwelton St, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He appeared on the census in 1851 in Paisley Martyrs, Scotland. Described as Samuel Whitford of 3 Maxwelton Street, aged 27 years, a Wood Turner born in Paisley. (Note: a James Whiteford lived at 8 Maxwelton St, relationship to Samuel, if any, is uncertain) He served in the military in 1861 in New York, New York, USA. Iowa GenWeb Site noted that Samuel enlisted in the 13th New York Volunteers, possibly an early war Militia Unit. He served in the military on 13 May 1861 in New York, New York, USA. Enlisted in Company D, 36th New York Volunteers, also known as the 'Britsh Battalion'. He was aged 37 years and was discharged with disability at Point Lookout, Maryland on 1st Nov. 1862.

It's worth noting that the Battle of Fair Oaks (also known as Seven Pines) took place at the end of May 1862, if Samuel was wounded at this battle, those wounds could have been serious enough to trigger his discharge.
He died in 1865. Died in either Washington DC, or New York USA. He was born.

From Iowa GenWeb biography for son 'William W Whiteford' written in 1906 in says: "Samuel and Margaret emmigrated from Scotland to New York City in 1856. Margaret died in New York. In 1861 Samuel Whiteford enlisted in the 13th Regiment New YTork Volunteer Infantry with which he served faithfully until the close of the war. He was wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks, and died in hospital in Washington DC in 2865. He was the father of five children, of whom two are living (as of 1906), the subject of this sketch and John W. Whiteford of Fostoria, Iowa." Parents: Andrew WHITEFORD and Mary BELL.

He was married to MARGARET about 1844 in Scotland. Proclomation of Banns and Marriages, Paisley Middle Church dated 7th April 1844. Samuel Whitefoord and Margaret Orr, both of this parish. He was married to MARGARET. Children were: Samuel WHITEFORD, Margaret WHITEFORD, William W WHITEFORD, John W WHITEFORD, WHITEFORD.

bullet Samuel WHITEFORD died in 1865 in Washington DC, USA. He was born in Scotland.

Children were: William W WHITEFORD, John W. WHITEFORD, Unknown.

bulletSamuel McColl WHITEFORD was born on 24 Nov 1902 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He died on 12 Mar 1987 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Parents: Thomas Barbour WHITEFORD and Mary BOWIE.

bullet Samuel Young WHITEFORD was born in 1844 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He emigrated USA. Parents: John WHITEFORD and Margaret YOUNG.

He was married to Beaumont HANNAH in 1860 in New York, New York, USA.

bullet Sandra WHITEFORD Parents: James WHITEFORD and Jessie Arnott WHITEFORD.

bullet Sandra Jane WHITEFORD was born on 27 Oct 1961. Parents: Daniel Hamilton WHITEFORD and Jean R. CUTHILL.

She was married to David Archibald SEED on 28 Jun 1984 in Wallace Green Church, Berwick-upon-Tweed.

bullet Sandra Kay WHITEFORD Living individual, details withheld Parents: Lloyd WHITEFORD and Dora M. LASH.

bullet Sandra Lee WHITEFORD was born on 27 Sep 1966. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Dorothy Irene LEWIS .

He was married to Michael WALKER. Children were: Michael Steven WHITEFORD.

He was married to John TORRENCE.

bullet Sarah WHITEFORD was born in 1874 in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland. She appeared on the census in 1881 in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland. Described as aged 7, born in Beith, Ayr, Scotland and a Scholar. She appeared on the census in 1891 in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland. Described as aged 17 years Parents: Robert WHITEFORD and Jessie G..

bullet Sarah WHITEFORD was born on 5 Mar 1895. She died on 19 Jul 1944 in 11 Well Street, New Mills. Died of carcinoma of the breast.

bullet Sarah WHITEFORD was christened in 1798 in St. Stephen Anglican Ch., Lunenburg, Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada. Parents: Joseph WHITEFORD and Hannah ?.

bullet Sarah WHITEFORD was born in 1839. Parents: William WHITEFORD and Martha 'Jane' KENNEDY.

She was married to George GIFFORD.

bullet Sarah Campbell WHITEFORD was born on 20 Mar 1858. She died on 5 Jun 1909 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Augustine Biddle STREETT.

She was married to Parker Forwood SMITHSON on 13 Aug 1882 in Peach Bottom, York, Pennsylvania, USA. Children were: Walter Parker SMITHSON, Elizabeth Alexander SMITHSON , Michael Whiteford SMITHSON, James Lee SMITHSON, Augustine Demelia Biddle SMITHSON .

bullet Sarah Jane WHITEFORD was born in May 1882. Parents: Samuel WHITEFORD and Hannah BEAUMONT.

bullet Sarah Jane WHITEFORD was born on 28 Dec 1845 in Kirkinriola, Ballymena, County Antrim. Parents: John WHITEFORD and Rose Jane DOUGLASS.

bullet Sarah Jane WHITEFORD was born on 22 Dec 1835 in Scotland. She died on 25 Apr 1903 in Thief Lake, Marshall, Minnesota. Parents: James WHITEFORD and Sarah AITKEN.

She was married to David William EVANS on 14 Nov 1860 in Goderich, Huron Co, Canada. Children were: Sarah Jane EVANS, Alfretta Catherine EVANS, William John EVANS .

bullet Sarah Jean Sanghee WHITEFORD Parents: Walter Alexander WHITEFORD and Kwiran AHN.

bullet Scott WHITEFORD was born in 1977. Parents: Stephen WHITEFORD and Mary JANE.

bullet Scott Howard WHITEFORD Parents: Alden Fred WHITEFORD and Diane HAYS.

bullet Scott W. WHITEFORD Photo Scott W. Whiteford is a Ph.D. student in Sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He received his BA in Sociology from Luther College in 1996 and his MA in Sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2000. His primary research interests include adolescent drug use, adolescent crime and deviance, crime theory, and research methods. He has taught Introduction to Sociology 101, Introduction to Research Methods 205, Sociology of Crime 209, and Drugs and Society 210. He has presented his work at the North Central Sociological Association and American Society of Criminology, and he has published in the journal Small Towns. He is currently a member of the American Sociological Association and the American Society of Criminology.

bullet Sharilyn A. WHITEFORD graduated in 1985 in Ottawa, Kansas, USA. from Ottawa High School.

bullet Sharon Rose WHITEFORD Living individual, details withheld Parents: Wayne WHITEFORD and Dorothy Irene HAMELOU.

bullet Shayna WHITEFORD Parents: Kenneth WHITEFORD and Linda ARCHER.

bullet Sheila C WHITEFORD emigrated in 1951 from New York, U.S.A.. Emmigrated to the USA Parents: Laurence Gibson WHITEFORD and Dorothy.

She was married to JONES. Children were: Jennifer JONES, Cory , Corrina, John.

bullet Sherry Ann WHITEFORD was born on 13 Jul 1956. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Dorothy Irene LEWIS .

bullet Shiela WHITEFORD Parents: Malcolm WHITEFORD and Sarah FORD.

bullet Shirley Ann Catherine WHITEFORD was born on 12 Aug 1936. Parents: John Walter WHITEFORD and Marie Ann KOENIG.

She was married to Lawrence D. PEACH on 7 Dec 1936. Children were: Damian Lawrence PEACH, Michael Whiteford PEACH, Peter Patrick PEACH , John Walter PEACH, francis William PEACH, Philip Christopher PEACH.

bullet Shirley Louise WHITEFORD was born in 1919. She died about 2001. Parents: WHITEFORD and UNKNOWN.

bullet Silas Silver WHITEFORD was born on 1 Jan 1850 in Maryland, USA. He died on 22 Jan 1929 in Osage Township, Miami County, Kansas, USA. He was buried after 22 Jan 1929 in Osage Township, Miami County, Kansas, USA. Parents: Doddridge WHITEFORD and Elizabeth Ann SILVER .

He was married to Mary Evalina MCGLOTHLIN on 29 Jan 1876 in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, USA. Children were: LIzzie WHITEFORD, Anna WHITEFORD, Lilliam E. WHITEFORD, Susan WHITEFORD, Nelle WHITEFORD, Hugh C. WHITEFORD, Clay WHITEFORD.

bullet Son WHITEFORD Parents: Neil WHITEFORD.

bullet Sophia WHITEFORD was born about 1839 in Huron County, Ontario, Canada. Parents: James WHITEFORD and Sarah AITKEN.

bullet Stanley WHITEFORD Parents: John Silas WHITEFORD and Sarah Maud PARKINSON.

He was married to Verda May LISTER.

bullet Stanley Lawrence WHITEFORD was born on 22 Nov 1893 in Ormstown, Quebec. He died on 21 Aug 1957. Parents: David WHITEFORD and Ann Jane SADLER.

He was married to Erma DE SALLE BROWNEWELL on 27 Jun 1917. Children were: June Irene WHITEFORD, George Lawrence WHITEFORD, David Robert WHITEFORD.

bullet Stephen WHITEFORD was born on 14 Jan 1941 in Brooklyn, New York. He was educated in 1958 in Westfield High School, NJ. He was a between 1975 and 1998 in The Cooper Companies. Steve & Janie Whiteford
181 Anne Way
Los Gatos, CA 95032 Parents: James Leonard WHITEFORD and Jacqueline MCEVOY.

He was married to Mary JANE in 1968. Children were: Heather WHITEFORD , Todd WHITEFORD, Scott WHITEFORD .

bullet Stephen WHITEFORD was born on 4 Jun 1975. Parents: John WHITEFORD and Dorothy JENKINS.

bullet Steve WHITEFORD Photo Steve Whiteford, is a professional trainer who expresses a wide range of expertise through several workshops including; Effective Presentation Skills, Conflict Management, Change Management, Outplacement, Customer Service, Team Building / Intervention, and Leadership Development. In addition, he is very effective using his skills as an executive coach, delivering 360' feedback and various assessment instrument results. He has analyzed company wide surveys to recommend appropriate training to maximize positive change.

His background includes experience in sales, marketing, and management; segment directing for PM Magazine; on-camera consulting for Kathy Smith Lifestyles, acting in numerous episodic TV shows; working as a director, spokesperson, and narrator for corporate videos, and a passionate study and exploration of human potential. His broad range of experience gives him an in-depth understanding of how to create a path to an authentic, dynamic, communication style for each individual. Steve also has an extensive background in speech improvement and has produced his own video for business professionals titled: Expressively Speaking!

He has served as guest accent improvement specialist on Voice of America Radio Europe. His techniques for speech and speaking have been featured in articles in ENTREPRENEUR, TWA's AMBASSADOR, TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL, SPIRIT AT WORK, and IDEA MAGAZINE.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from Boston University, where he majored in Theater and served as Assisting Teacher to the Professor of Speech. He has taught classes at Santa Monica Community College, Glendale Career College, Los Angeles Broadcasters, Professional Artist's Group, and ESL Academy. He has also worked in alliance with Drake Beam Morin, as a counselor and trainer. He served as Managing Consultant for Drake Beam Morin, Los Angeles for four months through an emergency interim.

Steve is certified for Compass Learning Systems surveys, and Carlson Learning's DiSC. The Hendricks Institute certifies him in Body Centered Transformation. He has completed Tom Crum's Beyond the Gold conflict workshop, The Power of Influence with Robbin's Research, Coaching to Excellence with New Ventures West, and Phillips Associates' Train the Team Builder. He has also completed Dispute Resolution Services,' 30 Hour Basic Mediation Workshop. He is presently enrolled in Certification for EDxTM, Fred Gallo's Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods. Steve is a member of A.S.T.D and the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association

bullet Steven Archer WHITEFORD was born in 1882. He died on 28 Oct 1963. Parents: Stevenson Archer WHITEFORD and Elizabeth Virginia BENNINGTON.

He was married to Doris HIGGINBOTHOM . Children were: John Higginbotham WHITEFORD.

He was married to Alice BEATTY.

bullet Steven Archer WHITEFORD was born on 18 May 1952. Parents: Richard Davis WHITEFORD and Marie HILL.

bullet Steven Lewis WHITEFORD was born on 16 Aug 1963. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Dorothy Irene LEWIS .

bullet Stevenson Archer WHITEFORD was born in 1859. He died in 1934. Parents: Michael Crook WHITEFORD and Augustine Biddle STREETT .

He was married to Elizabeth Virginia BENNINGTON on 3 Nov 1887. Children were: Steven Archer WHITEFORD , Augustine Biddle WHITEFORD, Mary Campbell WHITEFORD, Carolyn WHITEFORD, Michael Crook WHITEFORD, Anna Bartol WHITEFORD , Edwin Warfield WHITEFORD.

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